Magnolia Soliflore Perfume
$ 65.00

Inspired by the iconic Magnolia blooms that dot the city scape in the Spring, we created this limited edition Soliflore to conjure up this prehistoric jurassic flower, a bit of wet dirt rising with the early Spring heat, and something vintage, almost psychedelic, in it's spirit.

A Soliflore is a class of perfumes that mimic the scent of a single flower, and are composed of many ingredients, but none derived from the flower it's attempting to mimic. These are a wonderful challenge for any perfumer, and a unique interpretation of the perfumer's skills. If you gave 20 perfumer's this assignment, they'd all smell different! This Magnolia Soliflore is our take on this epic flower, and is based on years of study and scent notes. 

15ml roll on perfume.

*Limited edition*