Gua Sha Stone
Gua Sha Stone Gua Sha Stone Gua Sha Stone Gua Sha Stone Gua Sha Stone Gua Sha Stone Gua Sha Stone Gua Sha Stone Gua Sha Stone Gua Sha Stone
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Product: Reset the day as you clear, smooth, plump, brighten and tighten your skin with our Gua Sha Stone!

This product is based in a 4000+ year old practice from Traditional Chinese Medicine. While there are complex historic, cultural, and spiritual techniques to this practice, this stone is a tool best suited for a simple and easy home facial massage ritual, and this product listing will focus on that. 

Read on for more about this magical product and it's technique:

Ritual: Starting with clean skin, mist your favorite toning mist, and then apply our Full Moon Rose Oil to the skin of the face, neck, and décolletage to create a glide for the tool. Hold the tool in one hand at about a 30 degree angle (fairly tight to the skin, just enough space between the tool and the skin for a finger tip). Maintain this 30-45 degree angle throughout the ritual. Working one side of the neck and face at a time, gently glide the tool up the back, sides, and front of the neck, avoiding the front of the throat. Once you reach the face, work from the center of the face and glide the tool to the hairline. Gently hold the skin with the free hand as you glide the tool with the other hand. When you get to the hairline, come back to the center and work your way up one side of the face, and then the other. 

Gliding the tool upwards activates and tones the muscles to plump, tighten, and lift. Gliding it downward and from the center of the face out toward the hairline drains lymph to de-puff, clear congestion, and reveal brighter skin. 

Work slowly, and mindfully. Allow this ritual to feel pleasurable! Take in the scent of the oil, and the relaxing sensation as the muscles of your face and neck melt away tension and your lymph drains. Find a rhythm that feels good. Experiment with the tool and allow it to mold to your facial contours.

Clean the tool with soap and water after each use and allow to air dry.

Uses: This method works by releasing the muscles of the face, and circulating stagnant blood and lymph through the tissues, replacing it with fresh, oxygen-rich blood and lymph for a complexion that glows!

It also helps the skin absorb the actives in your skincare products, making them more effective and efficient. 

Anticipate both instant and progressive results over time. A home face massage ritual can be a quick remedy for puffiness, but long-lasting results are best maintained with consistent use, 2 to 3 times a week up to once daily.

Benefits include: minimizes pores, de-puffs and sculpts the face, neck, and jaw, removes blackheads, acne* (*avoid using it directly on acne, work around breakouts), and congestion, plumps, lifts, tones, and erases fine lines and wrinkles, and relaxes the nervous system!

Ingredients: 100% Bian Stone Facial Massage Tool. Stone is 4.5" long x 3" wide.

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