Deluxe Perfume Sample Kit
Deluxe Perfume Sample Kit Deluxe Perfume Sample Kit Deluxe Perfume Sample Kit Deluxe Perfume Sample Kit
$ 40.00

Try our entire line of 100% natural botanical Perfumes and Body Oils in this deluxe perfume sample kit! Each kit includes cards with descriptions of scent notes, a discount code to be applied to your full-size purchase, as well as a square of wool to help cleanse your nasal palate between scents (forget coffee beans! simply hold the square of wool up to you nose and breathe in a few rounds to cleanse an overloaded olfactory system).


4ml vial of Full Moon Rose Body Oil rose, yellow mandarin, rose geranium

4ml vial of New Moon Cypress Body Oil cypress leaf, bergamot, cedarwood

1ml sample of Smoke Eau De Parfum Spray vetiver, citrus, jasmine

1ml sample of Ritual Eau De Parfum Spray cinnamon, neroli, rose

1ml sample of Wellspring Eau De Parfum Spray amber, ylang ylang, cacao

1ml sample of Night Cloud Eau De Parfum Spray oakmoss, sandalwood, lavender 

1ml sample of Magnolia Soliflore Perfume juniper berry, pink lotus, sandalwood

This is the single best way to get to know the entire Smoke Perfume collection, and the best value way to "try before you buy!"

As always, all our products are cruelty free and 100% natural with zero added synthetics or chemicals. All our products are vegan, except Wellspring Eau De Parfum, which contains beeswax absolute.

The wool we use is sustainably sourced, and is an eco friendly packaging option to cushion your samples in addition to being an effective nasal palate cleanser! Wool is biodegradable and may be composted, or repurposed as a coaster or for packing material.