Ritual Perfume
Ritual Perfume Ritual Perfume Ritual Perfume Ritual Perfume Ritual Perfume
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Product: An altar on the go. A nostalgic scent reminiscent of memory, romance, distant places, rose and wood. You hol out your palm to receive a blessing, time stops. 

Notes: Punctuates with notes of cinnamon leaf, neroli, and rose, and finishes with a deep patchouli dry down.

Ritual: Ground both feet down, stand tall, apply Ritual liberally, close your eyes, and take 3 deeps breaths. Think of one thing you're grateful for, and exhale as you come back to the present. Create this daily ritual as desired. 

Uses: Roll on pulse points of bare skin for a natural, long-lasting perfume for a scent that is intimate and close. Other uses include: deodorant, full body, roll on palms and run palms through your hair for a hair perfume, roll on a wash cloth and run under running bath water to scent your bath, aromatherapy, to enhance your natural skin scent. 

Ingredients: Organic perfumer's alcohol, essential oils and absolutes. 

Size: .5 fl oz / 15ml

For best results store out of direct heat and sunlight.