Sisal Shower Poof
Sisal Shower Poof Sisal Shower Poof Sisal Shower Poof
Sisal Shower Poof
Sisal Shower Poof
Sisal Shower Poof

Sisal Shower Poof



Our Sisal Shower Poofs are made of a soft sponge core wrapped in sisal for a sustainable take on the classic plastic shower poofs of yesteryear!



Think of this as dry brushing in it's action, but done wet in the bath or shower with soap! Soak the sponge, add your favorite liquid soap, and squeeze it to get a lather going.

On wet skin, starting at the extremities, brush in short brisk strokes from the tips of the fingers and toes towards the heart. Follow in quick short strokes to cover full body, always moving toward the heart. Spend extra time in areas where lymph nodes are concentrated: the groin, armpits, stomach, and breast tissue, and down the neck on all sides. Work with light yet present pressure. Spend extra time on glutes, thighs, and backs of the legs to powerfully exfoliate and awaken the entire body. 

Finish by exfoliating vigorously anywhere that needs extra skin-smoothing. We love the backs of the arms, and on the armpits and legs to prep skin for shaving!



This practice gets the lymph, heart, and blood moving! It's an enlivening and ultra skin-smoothing. For best results follow with a cold shower and your favorite body oil applied to damp skin. Go into your day GLOWING!

Enjoy this ritual 1-3x a week, or as desired. Boost the practice when you feel a cold coming on to cleanse and move lymph. To clean your bush, wring out under running water til water runs clear. 



Sustainably produced by a women's cooperative in Colombia. 100% natural sisal fiber with a cellulose sponge core. We are so excited to have a sustainable replacement to those nasty plastic shower poofs, and this offers the best exfoliation!

**For best results store out of direct heat and sunlight

**For External Use Only


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