Palo Santo Incense Stick
Palo Santo Incense Stick Palo Santo Incense Stick
$ 6.00

Elevate your space with this custom etched, sustainably-sourced palo santo smudge stick. Functioning as a natural incense, it burns with a bright, sweet, wood note to evoke and inspire.

Each stick is approximately 4 inches long. To use, light the end until it holds a flame, blow out, and enjoy as the ember releases the wood's natural incense. For best results, walk the burning wood around the room you'd like to scent, periodically blowing on the lit end to keep the ember burning. The stick will naturally go out on its own in about 10 minutes, or you may submerge the tip in water or "smudge" the end onto a heat-safe surface to extinguish it.