Lymphatic Dry Brush
Lymphatic Dry Brush Lymphatic Dry Brush Lymphatic Dry Brush
Lymphatic Dry Brush
Lymphatic Dry Brush
Lymphatic Dry Brush

Lymphatic Dry Brush



Lymphatic Dry brushing is one of our favorite at home rituals for smooth glowing skin, immunity, and invigorating the nervous system to wake up and boost mood!



Ritual: Starting at the extremities, brush in short brisk strokes from the tips of the fingers and toes towards the heart. Follow in quick short strokes to cover full body, always moving toward the heart. Spend extra time in areas where lymph nodes are concentrated: the groin, armpits, stomach, and breast tissue. Work with light yet present pressure. For the face and neck, use with very light pressure from the middle of the face out toward the hairline, the chin toward the ears, and down the neck on all sides. Spend extra time on glutes, thighs, and backs of the legs to powerfully exfoliate and awaken the entire body.



This practice gets the lymph, heart, and blood moving! It's an enlivening practice best done in the AM before a shower. For best results, always use on dry skin, follow with a cold shower and your favorite body oil applied to damp skin. Go into your day GLOWING"

Enjoy this ritual 1-3x a week, or as desired. Boost the practice when you feel a cold coming on to cleanse and move lymph. To clean your bush, spray with a dilution of 1 part water to 1 part witch hazel + 10 drops tea tree or lemon essential oil. Let air dry or dry in the sun. Don't submerge brush completely in water.



9" tall dry brush made of Sisal fiber, rope, and wood. Plastic-free.

**For best results store out of direct heat and sunlight

**For External Use Only


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