Luv Scrub Mesh Exfoliating Cloth
Luv Scrub Mesh Exfoliating Cloth Luv Scrub Mesh Exfoliating Cloth
$ 18.00

SCRUB yourself SEXY with this magical bath cloth.  The unique texture of the mesh will clean and exfoliate your skin like no other.  Open it up to reach your back with ease.  Just use with soap or shower gel and massage over body.  The result?  Lather for days and soft smooth skin.  It gets better with every use.  You will thank us later.

  • Textured surface

  • Large size can scrub your back (Length stretches up to 50”)

  • Long lasting

  • 100% Nylon

How to use:

Wet and apply your body wash or soap.  Experience the lather.  Massage over body.  Rinse and air dry.  Use daily or as needed.


Do not use on areas with cuts and abrasions.  Not recommended for those with sensitive skin conditions.  If skin irritation occurs, stop using immediately.

Due to the unique characteristics of the mesh, imperfections are natural.  Mesh will soften and stretch with time.

Important Information:

  • All LUV SCRUBS are unique and in its traditional form

  • Hand feel may differ on each scrub

  • Pieces are hand cut with LUV 

  • There will be variations in each piece 

  • Mesh will stretch in length and sides will fray with time

  • Characteristics listed above will not take away from the effectiveness of the mesh