Trinity Perfume Set
Trinity Perfume Set Trinity Perfume Set
$ 75.00

The Trinity Perfume Set is the perfect way to get to know the Smoke Perfume line!

The Trinity is comprised of 3 convenient 5ml roller bottles of the perfumes "Smoke," "Ritual," and "Wellspring" housed in a chic wooden vessel. Perfect for wearing alone, layering together, or sharing with friends.

Discover your new favorite signature scent with The Trinity!


5ml Roll-on bottle of Smoke: notes of vetiver, citrus, jasmine.
5ml Roll-on bottle of Ritual: notes of patchouli, cinnamon, rose, neroli.
5ml Roll-on bottle of Wellspring: notes of amber, ylang ylang, beeswax, & cacao.

Ingredients: essential oils and absolutes, organic perfumer's alcohol, wood, paper.

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