Trinity Perfume Set
Trinity Perfume Set Trinity Perfume Set
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Product: The Trinity Perfume Set is the perfect way to get to know the Smoke Perfume line. Comprised of 3 convenient 5ml roller bottles of the perfumes "Smoke," "Ritual," and "Wellspring" housed in a chic wooden vessel. 

Notes: Smoke: notes of vetiver, citrus, jasmine. Ritual: notes of patchouli, cinnamon, rose, neroli. Wellspring: notes of amber, ylang ylang, beeswax, & cacao.

Ritual: Hold the wooden parcel in your palms, feel it's edges, take each bottle out one by one, and smell each scent one at a time. Apply each to separate parts of your arm, close your eyes and breathe them each in, noticing how they grow and change on your skin. Notice how each scent makes you feel, and select the one you're most drawn to in that moment, get lost in the experience of play and discovery.

Uses: Wear each scent alone, layer together, share with friends. Natural, long-lasting unisex perfume, deodorant, full body, apply to palms and run though your hair for a hair perfume, rub on a wash cloth and run under running bath water to scent your bath, aromatherapy, to enhance your natural skin scent. Discover your favorite scent of the three with The Trinity!

Ingredients: essential oils and absolutes, organic perfumer's alcohol, wood, paper. 3 5ml glass bottles with stainless steel roller tops. 

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