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New Orleans Wellness Guide

I love New Orleans for its excess and indulgence. Its wildness will always intoxicate me, but it has so much more to offer to people who love to live and visit. Along with its boozy nights and famously rich food, New Orleans is a sanctuary and my home, a city full of natural wonder, spirituality, and a unique, ever-evolving wellness scene.

Many of you have reached out to me about my favorite wellness spots are in the city, and I’m excited to finally share some of them with you here. This list is based around my personal wellness practice. For me, wellness looks like making sure I move often, feed my body, and take time for rest and inspiration.

I hope you enjoy and reach out with your thoughts and feedback. What places am I missing? What do you want to see more of? How do you find balance in New Orleans?


Places that get me moving. I love these places for their class variety (some offer sliding scale) and consistent, high quality instructors.


Where I go to take care of my physical body, from body work to aromatherapy and acupuncture.


My go-to sources for peace and creativity. I personally derive inspiration from nature, art, and ritual, and these are my favorites.

  • Audubon Park* visit the Tree of Life and the Fly
  • Bayou St. John*
  • City Park* - our favorite places are the chime tree & sculpture garden
  • Crescent City Conjure - hoodoo, witchcraft supplies & classes
  • The Dragonfly*° - poetry, performance & ritual space
  • Lafitte Greenway* - public green space, pedestrian and bike trail
  • The Mexican Witch° - tarot, spellwork, spiritual readings
  • Studio Be° - Bywater warehouse studio by local artist BMike
  • Tarot by JP° - tarot for all
  • Wisner Bike Path* - plus more biking and walking paths 


Where I go to feel extra polished and adorned. These are thoughtful beauty specialists who prioritize clean products and holistic approaches.


Healthy, flavorful eats and drinks that feel affordable and nourishing. All places on this list include plant-based options, with menus centered around fresh, whole food ingredients.


Resources for your mind and spirit. Please note: I have gathered this list from friends and resource lists and have not visited each of these service providers personally. It’s important that you feel safe and comfortable with your counselor.

* = free, donation-based, or sliding scale options
° = POC, woman, or queer-owned

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How to do an Herbal Face Steam


This winter, my body has been calling for extra restoration. Herbal face steams are one of my favorite remedies for congested skin, sinuses, or just a stagnant winter feeling. By infusing herbs in boiling water, a steam releases  the herbs’ nutrient-rich volatile oils. Herbal steams have two primary benefits:




The heat of the steam opens up pores, melts sebum and blackheads, and releases volatile oils. For skincare-focused steams, I recommend herbs with circulatory, antimicrobial, and brightening properties:

  • Green tea - tone and tighten
  • Calendula - gentle, all skin types, soothe and nourish
  • Lavender - calm and relax, treat acne
  • Rose - calm and relax, treat acne
  • Licorice - brighten
  • Rosemary - boost circulation
  • Yarrow - heal, stop bleeding, heal infection, treat acne
  • Chamomile - calm, relax, gentle, all skin types
  • Marshmallow - soothing demulcent, calming


Immune, lymph, and respiratory systems

Breathing in the herbs’ volatile oils opens your respiratory system, clears mucus, and brings the benefits of these potent oils into your bloodstream. It’s an especially good remedy during cold and allergy seasons. For these steams, I recommend herbs that calm, soothe, and promote immunity:

  • Peppermint
  • Rosemary
  • Eucalyptus
  • Yarrow
  • Elderflower



  1. Start with a clean face, cleansing & wiping off any makeup or products.
  2. Fill 11”x7” pot (you want a large pot for this!) with 6.5 cups water or a one inch layer of water in pot. Put on high heat, bring to just under a boil, turn heat off.
  3. Add your herbal mixture and let steep for 10 minutes covered. For proportions use one tablespoon of herbs to every cup of water (so for my recipe, I use 6-7 tablespoons of herbs per pot). Use the benefits guide above to choose herb(s) that fit your needs.
  4. Bring covered pot to an area where you can comfortably sit or stand, and place the hot pot on a heat-proof surface (such as a towel or cutting board). Drape a large towel over your entire head, torso, and pot--tenting yourself. Uncover pot and steam for 2-5 min, breathing deeply and staying tented so no steam escapes. After the steam, your skin will be flushed, pores and sinuses will be wide open.


Pro tips:

Right after a steam is a great time to follow with your favorite face mask–open pores will allow your mask to work deeper. You can also use the leftover herbal steam water from the pot to make an herbal bath. For the bath, just pour the pot through a strainer, cheesecloth, or muslin sack or pour the mixture right in and strain after. Your skin will absorb the benefits of the herbal infusion. 

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Night Cloud Elixir / A Delicious Detox

Night Cloud Elixir / A Cozy Detox for Cooler Days

Did you know the name for our newest Eau de Parfum Night Cloud began with an herbal elixir? Our launch last week has me thinking about my journey to Night Cloud, and I want to share with you the drink that started it all. With warm sesame milk, charcoal, lavender, and honey, Night Cloud Elixir is a detox that feels like a treat.

I first created the elixir last summer, when I was scheming up all sorts of herbal concoctions, from matcha to golden milk. I named it Night Cloud, and I told myself it would be the name of my next perfume. In many ways, the ingredients laid the foundation for the fragrance – dark, rich, and lavender based.

Lavender and reishi calm. Activated charcoal draws out toxins and can settle an upset stomach. Mineral-rich sesame milk contains healthy fats that feel fortifying on winter days.

I hope you love it. 


Night Cloud Elixir Recipe
Ingredients for 2 servings

16 oz. homemade black sesame milk*
1 heaping tablespoon lavender buds
1 half tablespoon activated charcoal powder
2 teaspoons reishi powder
1 tablespoon of honey, or to taste


1. Heat sesame milk on medium-low or until nut milk is warm to touch.
2. Pour into blender. Add lavender, charcoal, and reishi.
3. Blend on high until smooth.
4. In blender, add honey to taste and blend. Pour, garnish with lavender buds and charcoal if desired, and enjoy!

*Homemade Sesame Milk

Black sesame milk is key to the making this drink rich and creamy. I also like sesame milk because it is so nutrient dense and has a very high mineral content. Homemade sesame milk is easy – I promise! All it requires is a blender, cheesecloth, sesame seeds, and water. In a pinch, you can also sub your favorite nut milk.


1 cup black sesame seeds
4 cups water

  1. Mix sesame seeds and water.
  2. Soak overnight
  3. Optional: sweet with 2 dates. Because I add honey to the Night Cloud Elixir, I recommend skipping this step for this recipe.
  4. Pour mixture into blender and blend on high.
  5. Strain ingredients carefully into a bowl. For straining, I use a nut milk bag, but you can also use a cheesecloth or dish cloth.  

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